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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are you a new company - is this a new concept

Q - What are the key markets for ConstruKs®

Architecture • Landscape/Raised-bed and Rain Gardens • Construction • Land Management • Waterway Management • Shoreline Management • Highway Management/Culverts • Military/Defense • More...


Q - What materials are used to make ConstruKs® units?

  • The revetment container components can be made from;

aesthetic materials of any color or pattern

pliable materials as flexible as cloth and cardboard

durable materials as useful as plastics, concrete, or steel

recycle materials as available as crumb rubber/ag by-products

Q - Have ConstruKs®units been tested/approved by agencies?

  • Field trials are in progress - agency testing will follow.

Q - Are you looking for strategic partners?

  • Yes, we are reviewing information about:

materials for fabrication of unique versions

manufacturers who can produce those versions

available workers (ex: VETs, disabled) to be employed

engineers/contractors who specify/use revetment products

community development agencies seeking growth industries

and vendors who desire to add new products to their offerings.

Q - How can we find out more - or discuss opportunities?

1) - PHONE us if you have an urgent inquiry

2) - SUBMIT a quick note/inquiry in the form below, or

3) - EMAIL (<<via the menu link) to provide more details

We will review your situation and find a solution for your situation

To reduce the impact of natural disasters, nothing else stacks up like... -  ConstruKs®  -


Reach us immediately at:
Phone: 303-466-7259

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